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Get real-time visibility into your asset inventory.

While organisations often own the right tools to secure their businesses, they have little insight into how these investments are deployed across their environments. This lack of visibility upends the foundation of every major security framework and presents a challenge to security teams: they can’t protect what they can’t see.

Sevco is a cloud-native asset intelligence platform that delivers converged asset inventory and generates real-time asset telemetry

Get insight into your devices and uncover any security tool deployment gaps.

What is Sevco?

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Sevco Asset Intelligence

Unified Asset Inventory

Sevco integrates with your existing tools and joins otherwise disparate inventory reports to build a single, unified asset inventory

Identify Coverage Gaps

Quickly identify assets in partial states of configuration and missing necessary security controls. Generate tickets for these devices to be remediated.

Fast and Easy Integration

API-based integration takes just minutes. No agents to install or scanners to deploy. Sevco does not require any special access to your environment.

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