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All Your Endpoints.
Easily Automated & Controlled.

Ditch clunky legacy tools. Eliminate risk and thoughtfully automate the patching, configuration and control of your Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints with one modern IT operations platform.


Always Patched, Configured and Secured.


Today's IT demands more than legacy tools can deliver. Only Automox enables complete visibility and control for every Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoint from a single platform - at any scale. Now IT can easily act in real-time to drive greater strategic value and security outcomes for their business.

Why Automox?

Easy, automated patching.

Patching doesn't have to ruin your day. Free up time to focus on tasks you actually enjoy with powerful automation.

Cross-platform coverage

Nobody likes jumping between platforms. Consolidate your toolset with a single platform for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Cloud-native control

You do everything else in the cloud, so why rely on VPNs and distribution servers for patching? Easily manage and update your devices, anywhere.


Automox Features

Complete Endpoint Visibility

Get full endpoint visibility and reporting across your on-prem, cloud, or hybrid environment, all from one place.

Configuration Management

Eliminate configuration drift with automated and hands-free control of any device.


Tired of using multiple tools to patch your systems? Patch them all, automatically, from a single platform.

Automated Cross-OS Patching

Automatically patch your Windows, macOs, and Linux devices with one easy to use platform.

Cloud-Native Deployment and Management

Automate the configuration, patching, and compliance of all your devices with a single VPN-free platform.

Advanced IT Troubleshooting

The quickest path to resolving IT tickets starts here.

How it works...

Automox keeps millions of endpoints fully updated and ready to go for users - automatically.  With a zero-infrastructure, cloud-native architecture, Automox enables IT to create and automate any custom task or policy across the entire environment in moments.


See how you can resist attacks with unprecedented speed, simplicity, and automation using a cloud-native solution - while cutting costs by up to 80%.

Book your demo now to see Automox in action.

Ready to get started?

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