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A different approach to security analytics.

Store and continuously analyse petabytes of security telemetry at a fixed price with zero management headache.

The global platform for making sense of your security telemetry data.

Chronicle is a global security telemetry platform for investigation and threat hunting within your enterprise network. Chronicle makes security analytics instant, easy, and cost-effective. Chronicle is a specialized, cloud-native security analytics system, built on the core infrastructure that powers Google itself.

Modern threat detection

YARA-L for detecting modern malware-based threats.

Hunt at Google speed

Subsecond searches against petabytes of data.

Intelligent data fusion

Timelines and enriched data model for investigation and detection.

Disruptive economics

Full security telemetry retention, analysis at a fixed, predictable cost.

Find out how Aspen Skiing are investigating their threats with Chronicle.

Get an overview of Chronicle's security analytics platform.

Discover the power of the Chronicle platform.

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Get unparalleled telemetry storage for a fixed price.

Infinitely elastic

Built on core Google infrastructure, Chronicle gives you an infinitely elastic container for storing your enterprise security telemetry.

Fixed pricing

Chronicle is not charged on data volume, meaning you can afford to keep every bit of security data you generate.

Easy to manage

Chronicle makes it easy to manage a multi-petabyte analytics system. 

Unparalleled storage

In an investigation, access to years of telemetry can mean the difference between clear answers and hoping for the best.

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Unique, embedded threat signals help you find issues immediately.

Built-in threat signals

Sourced by Chronicle’s security engineering team, Uppercase threat signals are embedded right in the Chronicle platform.

Global data, local results

Uppercase signals are based on a mix of proprietary data sources, public intelligence feeds, and other information.

Smarter over time

Powered by Uppercase, Chronicle spots signals immediately and only gets smarter as you upload more telemetry.

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Boost your productivity with strategic automation.

More volume

Chronicle can handle petabytes of data, automatically.

Faster answers

Automatic analysis helps your analysts understand suspicious activity in seconds, not hours.

Automatic threat detection

Chronicle’s automated analysis engine correlates intelligence from global sources like VirusTotal with your own network and endpoint activity to find both known and late-breaking threats.


Discover the power of the Chronicle platform and understand how global threats affect your own network.

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