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The Unified
API Protection Platform

Address every phase of your API protection journey with the Cequence Unified API Protection platform and services.

API Security Redefined

Unlike other point API Security solutions, Cequence unifies API discovery, inventory, compliance, dynamic testing with real-time detection and native prevention to defend against fraud, business logic attacks, exploits and unintended data leakage.

The Cequence UAP solution is the most comprehensive offering available, unifying API discovery, compliance, and protection into one single solution. Organisations large and small depend on Cequence to defend their mission-critical API applications from ever-evolving cyber-attacks that aim to steal sensitive data, enable fraud, and disrupt business operations.  


API Spyder

Proactively discover all external and internal APIs that could expose your organization to data loss, compliance violations or system compromise. All without deploying any software or traffic flow modifications.


API Sentinel

Achieve API security posture management. Understand your security risks, obtain API compliance and test for OWASP API Top 10 vulnerabilities.


API Spartan

Prevent targeted attacks, business logic abuse and fraud without any code instrumentation. Track attackers no matter how quickly they retool and thwart detection.

The benefits of Cequence

Continuous API Attack Surface Discovery

Discover external and internal APIs that could expose your organization to data loss, compliance violations or system compromise.

Assess and Remediate API Risks

Predefined and custom risk assessment rules uncover API coding errors that can lead to data loss, fraud or system compromise.

Sensitive Data Detection

PCI and SOC 2 compliant platform with customisable, ML-based sensitive data discovery rules help you find and remediate data governance violations by identifying APIs that may be exposing sensitive data.

Native Mitigation

Instantly mitigate API attacks using a behavioral fingerprint that tracks the attack, even as they continually retool. Flexible actions include blocking, rate limiting, geo-fencing, and deceiving attackers with fake responses.

Comprehensive Threat and Fraud Prevention

Leverage the largest database of behaviors to detect the full range of threats including any defined in the OWASP and Web Top 10 and Automated Attack list.

Runtime API Inventory

Maintain your runtime API inventory by integrating with API gateways, proxies, load balancers, and ingress controllers. 

API Security Testing

Power your API testing with generative AI. Obtain custom made security test plans for your APIs in just minutes. Start to remediate critical vulnerabilities before your APIs are released into production.

Reporting and Analytics

Use the graphical management dashboard to visualize results and drill-down into next level details for a complete understanding of the findings. Generate custom reports to share results and status updates with other team members.

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Free API Security Assessment

Gain a complete understanding of your API security posture with a personalized assessment. Sign up below and our API Spyder will crawl your public-facing API attack surface - no agents, no network changes and you will recieve your report.

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