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Maximise Security.
Minimise Risk.

Pentera safely weaponises weaknesses in your security controls. By automating dynamic exploits, you can prove exactly what gaps would do the most immediate and serious harm.

One platform for all your security validation needs.

The Pentera platform is helping over 450 organisations in over 45 countries around the world discover their real-world, real-time security exposure by emulating real-life attacks on every cybersecurity layer, all day, every day. Eliminate guesswork, ditch delays, and embrace automated security validation for a continuous understanding of your risk. Tune out the false alarms and never-ending lists of vulnerabilities. Turn to the one true picture of your network to reduce risk.

No agents. No limits.

Pentera is an agentless, low-touch, fully automated platform that requires no prior knowledge of the environment. The solution can see what no one else does, providing immediate discovery and exposure validation across a distributed network infrastructure.

Model attacker behaviour.

With Pentera, security teams can think and act as your adversary does, giving you the insights required for anticipating and preventing an attack before it happens.

Security you can trust.

Hundreds of organisations trust the Pentera Platform's do-no-harm policy with no locked users, zero network downtime, and no data manipulation. 

Unlimited scale.

Gain cloud-scale operation with on-premises control of our most critical security exposures to cover the full enterprise attack surface – those known and those unknown.

Prioritise remediation.

Pentera generates a risk-based remediation roadmap with actionable insights that you can immediately execute, eliminating the noise.

Attack for ATT&CK.

Validate and prioritise all possible adversary actions, and keep detection coverage current and at optimum efficacy. Have the confidence that technology investments are optimized..

Pentera page banner.png

Pentera safely performs all the actions an adversary would

Pentera page banner.png


Pentera autonomously maps the organisation's attack surface


Runs a vulnerability assessment.

Why Automated Security Validation is different

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Get started on your customised journey to security validation.

Book a Pentera demo with us today to see automated security validation in action.

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