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New World. 
New Cybersecurity.

SentinelOne is the only cybersecurity platform purpose-built for the remote workforce. Replace legacy antivirus with cybersecurity for the endpoint, cloud, and IoT.

Tomorrow’s Threats Require a New Enterprise Security Paradigm.


The SentinelOne Singularity security platform empowers SOC & IT Operations Teams with a more efficient way to protect information assets against today’s sophisticated threats.

Singularity delivers differentiated endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, IoT security, cloud security, and IT operations capabilities consolidating multiple existing technologies into one solution.

Want to see SentinelOne's Singularity Platform in action? 

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Key Capabilities

  • Autonomous, real-time detection and remediation of complex threats with no need for human intervention.

  • Uncompromising protection across Windows, Linux, and macOS - physical, virtual, container, cloud, data centre, anywhere.

  • Accelerated triage and root cause analysis with incident insights and the best MITRE ATT&CK® alignment on the market, with or without MDR. Investigate in seconds with automated correlations and Storylines.

  • 1-Click Remediation & Rollback simplifies response and slashes MTTR (Mean Time to Repair).

  • Intuitive user experience of Deep Visibility, S1QL, and STARTM (Storyline Active Response) reduces the skills required to add threat hunting to your security operations.

  • Data retention options to suit every need, from 14 to 365+ days.

  • Rapid deployment interoperability features ensure a fast, smooth rollout.

  • Integrated threat intelligence for detection and enrichment from leading 3rd party feeds as well as our own proprietary source

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Ranger IoT: Network Visibility & Control. A cloud delivered, software-defined network discovery solution designed to add global network visibility and control with minimal friction.

Network Visibility

Ranger learns the network in a controlled manner with one click. Customizable scanning policies help avoid violating privacy statutes in a frictionless, transparent manner.

Network Control

When unauthorized devices appear on sensitive networks, Ranger protects managed assets from unauthorized communications with one click.

No New Software or Hardware

Sentinels intelligently elect which agents perform the cloud delivered distributed learning. Ranger does not require added hardware or network changes.

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Whether running in public cloud or private cloud, on servers or in containers, organizations of all sizes are looking for means of securing their cloud workloads in a manner that preserves agility.

Cloud VM Security

Real-time, runtime, everytime. Bring purpose-built autonomous, enterprise-grade EPP and EDR to VMs spanning AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Runtime Container Security

Automated, frictionless, scalable deployment.  Unmatched protection, detection, and response for EKS, AKS, GKE, and self-managed Kubernetes.

ONE Multi-Cloud Console

A single console managing security for all cloud infrastructure, user endpoints, and IoT devices.


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SentinelOne Protects TGI Fridays from Headquarters to the Table.

Why SentinelOne?
  • SentinelOne truly converges EPP+EDR so that you can eliminate redundant endpoint agents and lower OPEX.

  • 97% customer support satisfaction.

  • 96% of customers recommend SentinelOne.

  • Customizable console with time saving workflows.

  • Ransomware solved through superior behavioural AI.

  • Autonomous protective responses trigger instantly.

  • Time saving, fatigue-reducing Storyline™ with ActiveEDR TM designed for incident responders and threat hunters.

  • Affordable EDR data retention.

  • Easy XDR integrations to other vendors.


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