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Cyber Security Posture Review

Assess your organisation's existing cyber security posture to identify vulnerabilities, gaps and be provided with actionable recommendations moving forwards.

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Benchmark your cyber security maturity.

The Cyber Security Posture Review helps organisations to understand their current cyber security maturity level, identify risks and provides contextualized and actionable recommendations, aligned with the National Cyber Security Centre's "10 Steps to Cyber Security".


The review is conducted through a combination of questionnaires, artefacts and stakeholder interviews.

As well as benchmarking your current cyber maturity, the recommendations from the final report will enable you to map out and agree a strategic programme of longer-term and on-going support to continuously improve your cyber protection.

To find out more about the Cyber Security Posture Review service download the datasheet or book a call with us.

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Key benefits

Comply with legal and regulatory requirements and international security standards

Align security to industry best practice

Mitigate specific risks to the business and reduce the threat of cyber-attacks

Implement appropriate security measures to secure vulnerabilities and process gaps

Ensure confidential information and business critical assets are secure

Educate users about cyber security awareness

Avoid potential disruption to the business and reputational damage

Allocate money and resource to the most critical areas

Understand the roadmap for future areas of review and improvement

Cyber Securty Posture Review
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