Managed Threat Detection

Our Managed Threat Detection Service proactively detects and responds to security incidents, defending your organisation against cyber-attacks.

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Managed Threat Detection Datasheet

Features of The Managed Threat Detection Service...

We provide all the capabilities to monitor and detect attacks before damage is done, reducing the risk to your organisation and improving your security posture. If a threat has bypassed your security perimeter, we will find it, kill it, and understand its origins.

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Managed Threat Detection for UK Businesses

Visibility & Control

All the required capabilities to effectively discover and reduce exposed attack surface. 

Visibility and Control for Managed Threat Detection

Prevention & Detection

Complete coverage of all attack vectors that involve users, network, files and host

Prevention and Detection for Managed Threat Detection

Security Operations Centre

Managed remotely by our 24x7 SOC team, who provide incident response, in-depth investigations, and proactive threat hunting.

Security Operations Centre for Managed Threat Detection


Comprehensive remediation for infected endpoints, network-controlled traffic, malicious files and compromised user accounts. 

Remediation and Response for Managed Threat Detection

Monthly Reporting

Our monthly reports offer you easy to digest reporting to keep you up to date on the security posture of your organisation. 

Reporting for Managed Threat Detection

Why Choose Managed Threat Detection...

The mean time to identify a malicious attack is 230 days, and the mean time to contain the attack is 84 days.


One of the biggest challenges for businesses is identifying and remediating threats as quickly as possible.

Deploying and managing your own threat detection service requires highly skilled cyber security experts to monitor your environment 24x7. Understandably, it is difficult to implement this without the required skills, time and budget, meaning that threats are more likely to go undetected for longer.


With our service, Cyber Vigilance becomes an extension of your own team, meaning you won’t need to recruit, train and retain your own cyber security staff.

Why Cyber Vigilance...

We build strong relationships with our customers built on trust.

Our team is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive protection for all of our customers by partnering with the leading technology solutions.

We ensure our customers have complete visibility of how they are being protected and the decisions made.

Our team is made of cyber security experts, with years of experience.


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