What is the difference between SentinelOne Core, Control and Complete?

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

SentinelOne's single-agent technology provides solutions with three different tiers of functionality, Core, Control and Complete. All versions use machine learning and automation to prevent, detect and respond to attacks across all major vectors.

SentinelOne Core

Is a near-direct replacement to traditional Antivirus that has a higher catch rate, better response tools and a much lower device footprint.

SentinelOne Control

Unlocks granular device hardening capabilities for USB/Bluetooth devices, on-device firewalling, visibility and vulnerability management and secure command-line access to devices.

SentinelOne Complete

Further unlocks threat hunting toolsets that minimise the search process and enhances the capabilities of your security team.

More specific data for the features of each version can be seen in the datasheet below.

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