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Cyber Weekly Digest - 2024 Week #21

👋 Welcome to the 21st edition Cyber Weekly Digest of 2024.

As we enter another Bank Holiday weekend with a classic British mix of sunshine and showers, here's something that put a smile on my face this morning... in 2016 a little stray dog, later named Gobi, came across Dion Leonard while he was running a 155-mile race across the Gobi Desert in China. During that week-long race, Gobi joined Leonard and ran 80 miles with him. Amazingly heart warming stuff!

Before we hit the headlines, a quick thank you to Egress for hosting our Toby at CRN Fight Night. Amazing event, raising money for great causes. Word on the street is that he was so inspired he's signing up for next year's over 50's category... Eye of the Tiger Toby! Go for it, we've got your back.

New and noteworthy this week:


🟣 Want to learn about SentinelOne's new Purple AI capabilities? Available over the next year to deliver autonomous security operations, augmenting the work of human analysts. Save your spot for their webinar on 30th May!


🟣 Why is phishing still the top attack method?

In our latest podcast episode, Jack Chapman from Egress Software Technologies explains how attackers continue to revert back to phishing tactics as organisations continue to invest in better technologies to prevent the more technical attacks.


🟣 Reminder to join the Cyber Vigilance team on Wednesday 29th May at DIGIT Expo West, which brings Scotland's largest annual technology showcase to Glasgow.

We will be exhibiting alongside our partners Rapid7 and Automox. You can register here

Last but not least...

🟣 Already listened to our latest podcast episode with Egress Software Technologies and wondered where you can read the latest Phishing Trends Report?

The 2024 Phishing Threat Trends Report highlights how attackers have evolved their tactics over the last 3 years to not only seem more legitimate, but how they can evade the typical email security tools and get straight to employees inboxes.

Now, let's take a look at our Cyber Weekly Digest, highlighting our top cyber security news picks of the week.


🚨 This week we had some interesting insights from cybersecurity firm Sygnia, heard about a hefty fine for police after exposing staff info and an urgent warning for Veeam customers.


Keep reading to stay up to date on the latest cyber security news.


Ransomware attacks targeting VMware ESXi infrastructure follow an established pattern regardless of the file-encrypting malware deployed, new findings show. "Virtualization platforms are a core component of organizational IT infrastructure, yet they often suffer from inherent misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, making them a lucrative and highly effective target for threat actors to abuse," cybersecurity firm Sygnia said in a report shared with The Hacker News. The Israeli company, through its incident response efforts involving various ransomware families like LockBit, HelloKitty, BlackMatter, RedAlert (N13V), Scattered Spider, Akira, Cactus, BlackCat and Cheerscrypt, found that attacks on virtualization environments adhere to a similar sequence of actions.


GitLab patched a high-severity vulnerability that unauthenticated attackers could exploit to take over user accounts in cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. The security flaw (tracked as CVE-2024-4835) is an XSS weakness in the VS code editor (Web IDE) that lets threat actors steal restricted information using maliciously crafted pages. While they can exploit this vulnerability in attacks that don't require authentication, user interaction is still needed, increasing the attacks' complexity.


The United Kingdom's Information Commissioner Office (ICO) intends to impose a fine of £750,000 ($954,000) on the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) for exposing the entire workforce's personal details by mistakenly publishing a spreadsheet online.

PSNI disclosed the incident on August 8, 2023, when the police force warned that a mistake occurred during a response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) Request, exposing the following data about 9,483 active officers and staff: Surnames, Initials, Ranks, Roles, Locations. According to the ICO's assessment, the incident put exposed individuals at grave physical risk, resulted from poor data security from PSNI, and was deemed entirely preventable.


Microsoft has released an emergency out-of-band (OOB) update for Windows Server 2019 that fixes a bug causing 0x800f0982 errors when attempting to install the May 2024 Patch Tuesday security updates. As reported by BleepingComputer last week, many system administrators have reported that they could not install this month's Patch Tuesday security updates, receiving a 0x800f0982 when attempting to do so.

"Yep, 6 Windows Server 2019 (german) by different Costumers. All the same issue: error 0x800f0982," reported a Windows admin on Reddit.

Veeam warned customers today to patch a critical security vulnerability that allows unauthenticated attackers to sign into any account via the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager (VBEM). VBEM is a web-based platform that enables administrators to manage Veeam Backup & Replication installations via a single web console. It helps control backup jobs and perform restoration operations across an organization's backup infrastructure and large-scale deployments. It's important to note that VBEM isn't enabled by default, and not all environments are susceptible to attacks exploiting the CVE-2024-29849 vulnerability, which Veeam has rated with a CVSS base score of 9.8/10.

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