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2024 Phishing Threat Trends Report:
January - March insights

Sophisticated phishing threats are increasing – and so is the risk to your organization, as the beginning of 2024 has seen cybercriminals invest heavily in attacks that evade traditional detection.

Download the latest Phishing Threat Trends Report to understand the hot topics dominating the headlines, from the rise of ‘quishing’ and AI-powered attacks to the evolution of payloads in phishing campaigns.

Some of the report highlights:

  • 77% of impersonation attacks imitated well-known brands.

  • 50% of attacks were sent from a legitimate compromised account.

  • 52% more attacks got through SEG detection.

What is Egress


Download the report!

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Egress Intelligent Email Security

Egress Defend

Inbound Threat Detection

Utilise AI models and a zero-trust approach combine to detect the full spectrum of phishing threats.

Egress Prevent

Outbound Email Protection

Stop accidental and malicious data loss through monitoring outbound email traffic and alert users to potential data breaches to stop them before they happen. 

Egress Protect

Secure Encrypted Email

Enable secure and compliant email communication without adding friction. Make it easy for your teams, customers, and partners to work securely and prevent data leaks

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