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  • Kathleen Maxted

Cyber Vigilance is now partnered with Pentera.

Cyber Vigilance are excited to introduce our new partner Pentera, bringing automated security validation to our customers.

Cyber Vigilance has partnered with Pentera because of their leading automated security validation platform which allows organisations to continuously test the integrity of their cyber security layers, providing real-time security exposures. This allows our customers to prioritise their security gaps and take remediation steps to help protect their organisation.

Some of the key capabilities and functionality of the Pentera platform include:

  • Autonomous and Continuous Operation – The platform allows any IT professional to run penetration tests with minimal setup. The Autonomous Attack Orchestrator identifies the most attractive IT assets and decides on the next-best-attack-step without manual intervention.

  • Total Attack Surface Discovery – Pentera maps enterprises’ entire internal and external attack surface, including Shadow IT and Web Applications. The platform’s continuous process assures security leaders that their organisation’s attack surface is always accounted for and protected.

  • Emulating Attacker Behavior – Pentera includes a broad and ever-growing array of attack techniques aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK matrix and OWASP Top 10 practices to help security practitioners validate the effectiveness of their security stack against real-life threats.

  • Surgical remediation guidance – Pentera optimizes the resources of security professionals by focusing on high-risk exposures first, guided by remediation workflows and fix validation practices.

  • Agentless architecture – Pentera requires no installation or modification to endpoints or the enterprise network.

  • Safe-by-design – The platform abides by a strict safety policy to assure undisrupted operation of any IT environment or service.

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