Symantec Blue Coat ProxySG Tiny Java Issue

I recently acquired a shiny brand spanking new High Spec Dell XPS 13 4K UHD laptop for my Cyber Vigilance duties, with a super-fast Intel Core i7 Generation 8 CPU, 16GB RAM, PCIe SSD drive etc. I am very happy with the laptop as it’s small enough to be very portable, quiet enough not to wake the wife or kids when I’m staying up late working on my home lab, and the screen is sensational!

I also have various Intel NUC computers, this includes a Synology iSCSI NAS and a pair of Zyxel managed switches that are running a VMware lab with vSphere with multiple ESXi hosts, and also a pair running Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V with SCVMM in order to provide a platform for self-study and to keep up to date with my various certifications. One of these is the Blue Coat ProxySG Administrator certification that I recently passed. (You’ll have to bear with me – I’m setting the scene here!)

One of the many benefits of Cyber Vigilance being a Symantec Partner is access to various virtual appliances. Recently I deployed the ProxySG SWG VA to my vSphere environment. All went well with the initial install. I proceeded to connect to the web management console and run Java using the ‘Launcher’ link…… I presented with the following:

Hmmm…. As you can see (or can’t, which is the point of this blog), this is almost impossible to read (even though I know what it says). I then clicked on ‘Continue’ and got this: