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  • Kathleen Maxted

Solution Spotlight - Automox Ask Otto

AI is officially the Oxford Dictionary word of 2023, not a day has gone by where AI or ChatGPT isn’t mentioned. There has been a lot of focus in cybersecurity around AI and ChatGPT being used for malicious intent, however it can also be incredibly useful.

In the latest update from Automox, the automated patch management solution, a new feature has been announced – Ask Otto.

One of the best features of Automox is Worklet, which is an area of the solution which allows you to run and automate scripts across all of your devices. The possibilities of worklets are immense! There is already a massive catalogue of scripts available within Automox, however now you can utilise Ask Otto, which leverages ChatGPT to help you create your own custom Worklet scripts.

Ask Otto can draft PowerShell and Bash scripts in seconds that you can then customise and test across Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints.

To use Otto, you simply need to type a prompt in the text bar and press enter to submit your question. Ask Otto will write a script based on your question. You can respond as many time to refine the script you need.

For Example, let's Ask Otto “Can you write a windows worklet to change dns on a device?”

The script is then populated in the evaluation code. You can then set a schedule the example same way you would with other Worklets and patch policies.

It’s as simple as that!

As always, when using AI like ChatGPT it is important to be careful and remember not to submit any sensitive data. Make sure you review and test the scripts before applying them across your environment.

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