SentinelOne - Uninstalling the Agent

Uninstalling SentinelOne's agent can be done the secure/easy way from the management console, or the more circuitous route, using the endpoint. In this article, we guide you through the process of removing the agent using both aforementioned techniques on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Online Uninstall directly from the Management Console (All Platforms)

  • Log into your SentinelOne management portal

  • Go to the Sentinels tab

  • Select the machine that you wish to uninstall the software from

  • Go to actions and select “Uninstall”

Uninstalling from the endpoint

Note: If you have Anti-Tampering turned on you will need the Passphrase to uninstall from the endpoint.

Accessing the Passphrase.

To acquire the passphrase, go through the following steps.

  • Log into your management portal and find the machine that you wish to uninstall the agent from.

  • Press on the tab "Actions" and select "Show Passphrase".

  • Take a note of this passphrase as it will be needed proceeding to the following steps.

Uninstalling SentinelOne from Windows

  • Go to "Add or Remove Programs”

  • Search for SentinelOne

  • Select Uninstall

  • Now if you have Anti-Tamper switched off in the group policy, the uninstalling process is over, but if not, you need to go through a couple of more steps.

  • After you press "Uninstall" you need to make a choice “Online” or “Offline” Verification

  • if you choose "Online" verification, you need to log into the management portal and choose "Approve Uninstall". This process sends the approval signal from the management console to uninstall the agent.

  • On the other hand, if you choose "Offline", you need to add the "Verification key"; in other words, the passphrase from the management portal.

  • To acquire the "Passphrase" please follow the steps shown above

Uninstalling SentinelOne from Windows Sentinelctl

  • Open terminal as admin

Navigate to SentinelOne agent Directory

cd "C:\Program Files\SentinelOne\Sentinel Agent <version>"

Uninstall the agent using the passphrase

uninstall.exe /norestart /q /k="<passphrase>"


Uninstalling SentinelOne from Linux

Uninstalling using Sentinelctl