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SentinelOne New Dashboard

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

SentinelOne, the autonomous cybersecurity platform has recently released a new dashboard allowing users to choose from more than 50 different widgets and fully customise the dashboard interface. The new interface allows for better visualisation of the threat landscape, attack surface and security posture of the environment while at the same time increasing the monitoring capabilities.


SentinelOne provides users with a default dashboard which has the necessary information that the user might need for everyday use. Moreover, the user can reform the default dashboard by adding new widgets or deleting and modifying existing ones.

Adding a new Widget: Click on the "+" symbol on the upright corner

A new menu will appear, allowing the user to choose and customise the new widget. Click "Save" to activate the new widget and add it to your collection.

Deleting a widget:

Deleting a widget is as easy as adding one. The user needs to click on the "..." icon and then choose delete. Someone can also remove the whole dashboard and create a new one if they like. The flexibility that you can have is tremendous.


SentinelOne's new dashboard allows users to customise their dashboard interface, making it relevant to their needs, and that is a huge step forward for the platform and the user experience it provides. However, not all information needs to be shown in a schematic format. I feel that having every single data being shown in a chart is unnecessary and that it takes too much space. One suggestion that I would make to the engineering team is to create widgets that concentrate essential information and show it to the user, only by using numbers. Not everything on the old dashboard was terrible, and by completely overhauling it, I firmly believe that the engineering team paved over what the users liked about it too.



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