Protecting mobile devices with SentinelOne.

SentinelOne Mobile Agent

This week SentinelOne announced Singularity Mobile, a new AI-powered mobile security solution delivering autonomous threat protection, detection, and response for iOS, Android, and Chrome OS devices.

In this blog post we dive into Singularity Mobile, answering some of the key questions on the latest SentinelOne offering.

Why do you need to protect mobile devices?

The past year has taught us that employees need to be able to work from anywhere, and this includes from mobile devices. This means there is a greater number of devices at risk to security incidents. In the UK Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021, 68% of medium sized businesses use insecure smart devices in work settings. On top of this, Google’s Project Zero reported so far in 2021 Android and iOS have accounted for 31% of all zero-day, in the wild vulnerabilities used in real attacks against real users (18 out of 58). This is a sharp increase compared 2020 where mobile-only accounted for 11% (3 out of 26).

What is Singularity Mobile?

Singularity Mobile brings local, behavioural AI-driven mobile threat defence (MTD) to iOS, Android, and ChromeOS devices. The on-device agent protects against and detects both mobile malware and phishing, whether known or unknown, as well as MITM attacks.

SentinelOne have partnered with Zimperium for Singularity Mobile, allowing SentinelOne to address the complete endpoint attack surface, delivering critical security controls to security teams and protection to employees no matter where they are working.