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  • Kathleen Maxted

Netskope Advanced Analytics

Today (27/10/2020) Netskope has announced its newest product: Advanced Analytics. This post will dive into the new product and give you an overview of what you can expect.

"Netskope Advanced Analytics is an interactive big data analytics solution that provides organisations with a 360° view of their cloud risk posture covering applications, users, and data within the Netskope UI. "

Advanced Analytics Capabilities

This is a product which intends to go beyond the offerings of standard reporting.

Here is a list of some of the key capabilities of Advanced Analytics:

  • In terms of data availability, it gives you the ability to "slice and dice" over 500 attributes for events and alerts. It also allows you to report on API protection, incidents, policies and CSA data sets. As well as the ability to report on detail and summary data.

  • For visualisation, it provides a variety of options to choose from whether that bar, pie, trend lines, tables, pivots etc. It also offers advanced options such as Sankey diagrams, Treemaps, Gauge and others.

  • The reporting capabilities offer a variety of predefined reports which address different personas. It also produces an automated cloud risk assessment, something which was previously offered but not automated as well as the ability to drill down with interactive widgets and reports.

  • Other aspects worth mentioning including the standard abilities such as exporting to CSV, Excel, PDF and the ability to create custom fields, table calculations, custom filters and more sorting options.

The Dashboard

The dashboards offer a comprehensive look into your analytics which are fully customisable. The dashboard is relatively easy to use, and information is all displayed clearly. Overall, it is nice to look at and is not too complex, even though it is offering such a large variety of information. Below are some images which give you a sneak peek, but of course the best way to see this product in action is through a demo.

As an example, we will talk through some of the predefined dashboards.

This is the CISO dashboard. It is meant for CISO to get an overview of their analytics with trend information and charts of which all are clickable to see the full details of threats, exactly where they are coming from and what action was taken.

As mentioned before, Advanced Analytics is all about being able to see the full story of data. You can see a full range of details on this dashboard, including network traffic and location of alerts.

Here are snapshots from the Cloud Risk Assessment and the Data Protection dashboards. These dashboards also have the same display and features of the CISO dashboard, including trends and threats by location. With Cloud Risk Assessment you can monitor application adoption, identify the risk potential, and implement appropriate security policies for safe adoption in conformance with your business needs. With the Data Protection dashboard, you have visibility into where data is, the risks associated with the applications that your organisation is using, and the effectiveness of security policies across the data protection capabilities of the Netskope Security Cloud.

There is also a lot of customisation, which is a really valuable aspect. You can use the 'Explore' functionality to "slice and dice" data to how you want to view it as well as customising the visualisation.

If you are interested in getting a more in-depth look at Netskope's Advanced Analytics, you can book a demo today:

(You can read Netskope's Press release here)



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