Cyber Weekly Digest - Week #47

Take a look at this week's cyber weekly digest to keep up to date on the biggest and latest cyber security stories. In this digest we will dive into new tactics used by ransomware attackers, new Zoom security features as well as why Trump has fired the director of CISA.

1. Trump fired the CISA director, Chris Krebs.

It has been two weeks since the US election and Chris Krebs, the director of CISA, stated that the 2020 election was the "most secure in American history". There was a lot of concerns for election security in the run-up to the date, and current President Trump has made his views on the election security loud and clear after he lost to Biden. It has since been confirmed that Krebs was terminated on Tuesday via a tweet from the White House, where Trump claimed that Krebs' statement on the 2020 election was "highly inaccurate" and in fact "there were massive improprieties and fraud".

2. Egregor ransomware has been putting pressure on its victims through their printers.

This week a video has been released which shows a tactic used by Egregor ransomware attackers. The tactic involves bombarding the victim's printers with ransom notes; in the video, the printer can be seen to be printing the same ransom note, which is created on computers. The tactic is used not only to put pressure on the victim to pay the ransom, but also to bring public awareness to the attack so that the company's reputation also takes a hit.

3. Zoom has added new security features to help prevent Zoombombing.

Zoom has added the "at-risk meeting notifier" feature which runs on Zoom's backend servers and works by continuously scanning public posts on social media and other public sites for Zoom meeting links. When the notifier finds a Zoom meeting URL, it automatically sends an email to the conference organizers with a warning that other people may be able to access their room and possibly disrupt their meeting.