Cyber Weekly Digest - Week #46

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

This week in cyber security is another dominated by ransomware stories and the effects they can have on businesses. Keep reading to find out about a company whose operations were shut down for two weeks after a ransomware attack as well as new tactics used by criminals to get victims to pay up.

1. Ransomware group uses Facebook to run ads pressuring victims into paying ransoms.

Ragnar Locker Team hacked into Facebook accounts to run an ad campaign on Monday. The attackers had budgeted $500 for a campaign which warns the Campari Group to pay up. The Campari Group was hit by the ransomware attack last week on November 3rd, the Ragnar Locker group claim to have a “huge volume” of their confidential data.

2. Access to Pakistan International Airlines’ network is being sold on the Cyber Underground.

This week a hacker has been spotted to be selling access to Pakistan International Airlines’ network. The threat actor is selling the domain admin access to the airline for $4,000; the threat actor has also been found to be selling databases that exist in the airline’s network. Researchers discovered the access for sale on multiple illegal online forums which they had been monitoring.

3. Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday, November Edition fixed critical vulnerabilities.

This month’s patch Tuesday has seen 112 flaws being patched, 17 of those