Cyber Weekly Digest - Week #40

This week has had many significant cyber security incidents, with one of the biggest attacks Hungary has seen and a major business email compromise in which the hackers were able to steal $15 million. Keep reading to find out more about this week's biggest stories.

1. Hackers stole $15 million from a Business Email Compromise

A significant Business Email Compromise (BEC) has been discovered, so far at least 150 organisations have been affected with over $15 million stolen. The criminals were monitoring email communications between a corporate buyer and seller, and at the last minute, stepped in to impersonate the seller, sending over new wire payment instructions. According to the FBI, BECs cost global organisations $1.8 billion in 2019.

2. One of the largest healthcare providers affected by a possible ransomware attack.

One of US's largest healthcare providers was affected by a cyber-attack. Universal Health Services (UHS) operates around 400 hospitals, facilities, and ambulatory centres. They announced on Monday that its IT network across all its facilities was down due to a security issue. The issue was still being resolved throughout the week, in a statement late on Tuesday UHS said they were making "steady progress with recovery". Reports from UHS and employees lead to this being a ransomware attack, although no formal statement has been made.

3. 17 Joker malware infected apps were removed from Google's Play Store.