Cyber Weekly Digest - Week #4

In this week's digest we dig into why one of the largest underground sites is closing down and how forum members are being targeting in the latest ransomware attack. Keep reading to find out about the biggest cyber security news from around the globe.

1. Joker's Stash, one of the largest underground sites for stolen credit card and identity data is closing.

One of the largest underground sites for selling stolen credit card and identity data, Joker's Stash has announced it will be closing as of mid-February. The announcement comes after a rough year for Joker's Stash after US and European authorities seized a number of its servers and customers complaining that data quality was decreasing. It is estimated that over the past few years Joker's Stash generated more than a billion dollars in revenue, which came from some of the high-profile breaches including Hilton Hotels, Saks Fifth Avenue and Whole Foods.

2. 1.9 million Pixlr user records have been posted for free on a hacker forum.

ShinyHunters shared a database containing 1,921,141 Pixlr user records consisting of email addresses, login names, SHA-512 hashed passwords, a user's country, whether they signed up for the newsletter, and other internal information. The breach appears to be legitimate as much of the exposed data has been confirmed as accurate; this means Pixlr users should immediately change their passwords.

3. Windows utility developer IObit's forum members have been targeted by DeroHE ransomware.

This week IObit forum members began receiving emails claiming to be from IObit stating that they are entitled to a free 1-year license to their software as a special perk of being a forum member. Included i