Cyber Weekly Digest - Week #39

This week in cyber security has seen a variety of stories including increased security measures for the US election, more ransomware attacks as well as a new COVID-19 phishing scam. Keep reading to find out about the biggest stories of the week.

1. Twitter is working on improving security for US election figures.

In hopes to improve security for critical figures in the forthcoming US election, Twitter has automatically activated extra account protection for them. In June, Twitter became the victim of a significant hack, in which Joe Biden’s Twitter account was compromised. As a part of safeguarding the high-profile election-related accounts, Twitter is ensuring they use a strong password, enabled password reset protection, and encourages two-factor authentication.

2. UK businesses targeted in COVID-19 phishing scam.

UK business owners became the target of a phishing scam which was posing as HMRC. The scam is taking advantage of the UK government’s COVID-19 initiative which allowed businesses to defer VAT payments from March and June until March 2021. The phishing email was claiming that the recipient’s VAT deferral application was rejected. This shows that criminals are continuing to pray on those affected by the current pandemic; it does not look like these scams will be ending any time soon.