Cyber Weekly Digest - Week #2

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

In this Cyber Weekly Digest we dig into what has been happening in the first week of 2021. Keep reading to find out the latest cyber security news such as the SolarWinds attackers, a new PayPal 'smishing' campaign and how 2.5 million ho. Mobile users are at risk.

1. The US Department of Justice confirms its email systems were accessed by the hackers behind the Solar Winds attack.

In a statement on Wednesday, the US Department of Justice confirmed that malicious activity was detected which involved their Microsoft Office 365 email environment. It is believed that around 3% of the department's Office 365 email inboxes had been accessed. They were able to block the method used by attackers after they found the malicious activity. The statement outlined that it is likely the attackers behind the SolarWinds hack were responsible, which the FBI has said is likely to be a Russian-backed APT group. Other media this week claimed that software vendor JetBrains was involved in the SolarWinds attack; however, JetBrains CEO has denied these claims.

2. Vodafone's ho. Mobile suffers a data breach risking 2.5 million users.

The mobile operator announced this week that hackers had stolen part of its customer database and has been found for sale on dark web forums. The details stolen could allow attackers to carry out SIM-swap attacks, meaning the attacker can receive the victim's calls and text messages. Ho. Mobile has tried to minimise the impact of this breach by offering affected customers a new SIM card free of charge. Ho. Mobile is not the only mobile operator to experience a data breach recently as T-Mobile also announced a breach last week, its fourth incident in three years.

3. A secret backdoor was discovered in Zyxel devices and is now being exploited by hackers.