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Cyber Weekly Digest - 2024 Week #25

👋 Welcome to the 25th edition Cyber Weekly Digest of 2024.

No Danish pastries for me today (or Rice based dishes for that matter). That. was. terrible!

My favourite 'food themed' football bants this week was during the Switzerland v Hungary game where I spotted a sign that simply said 'Fondue is better than Goulash'. Amazing!

⚽️ Following on from the football theme, this week Cyber Vigilance announced their newest signing... Welcome to the team... Harry Potter!

Now, I know what you're thinking...

...what a mammoth recruitment drive, and you'd be correct! We've gone from a team of 5 to 9 3/4 in a flash ⚡️

A little about our newest team member. With a tough start in life, Harry was raised by mean family members and spent many of his early years in a broom cupboard. He likes to hang out with his phenomenally ginger best mate, shares his birthday with a famous author, fav snacks are hufflepuffs and I've been told he's well into like magic and all that. Apparently he's an absolute wizard in cyber security and we feel very lucky to have him on board the Cyber Vigilance Express. Choo choo Harry, we can't wait to see you fly!

New and noteworthy this week:


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🪄 Tune in for the next episode of CultureAI's podcast Beyond Awareness with Rebecca Markwick, Cybersecurity Awareness & Culture Lead Wizard, next Tuesday 25 June at 15:00 BST!

Rebecca is a renowned speaker in the security culture and awareness space, recognised for bringing innovative ideas around positive reinforcement and gamification, to transform how we perceive and implement security initiatives.

🪄 Are you using more than one type of authentication method?

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Let's go to the (Hogwarts) School of Cyber Asset Management and show you how

Last but not least...

🪄 What is this Witchcraft?

Cynet Security's innovative solution can safeguard your organisation from modern cyber attacks across all your endpoints! Discover the importance of robust endpoint protection on 10th July by registering for this upcoming webinar

Now, let's take a look at our Cyber Weekly Digest, highlighting our top cyber security news picks of the week.


🚨 This week we heard about a cyber attack on the #manufacturing industry, a denial of breach from a popular #telecoms company and a big ban in the US of a popular #antivirus software


Keep reading to stay up to date on the latest cyber security news.


Today, the Biden administration has announced an upcoming ban of Kaspersky antivirus software and the pushing of software updates to US companies and consumers, giving customers until September 29, 2024, to find alternative security software. "Today, the Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) announced a Final Determination prohibiting Kaspersky Lab, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of a Russia-based anti-virus software and cybersecurity company, from directly or indirectly providing anti-virus software and cybersecurity products or services in the United States or to U.S. persons," reads a new announcement from the US BIS agency.


T-Mobile has denied it was breached or that source code was stolen after a threat actor claimed to be selling stolen data from the telecommunications company. "T-Mobile systems have not been compromised. We are actively investigating a claim of an issue at a third-party service provider," T-Mobile shared in a statement to BleepingComputer. "We have no indication that T-Mobile customer data or source code was included and can confirm that the bad actor's claim that T-Mobile's infrastructure was accessed is false."


Forklift manufacturer Crown Equipment confirmed today that it suffered a cyberattack earlier this month that disrupted manufacturing at its plants. Crown is one of the largest forklift manufacturers in the world, employing 19,600 people and having 24 manufacturing plants in 14 locations worldwide. Since approximately June 8th, Crown employees have been reporting that the company was breached and all IT systems were shut down, with employees told not to accept MFA requests and to be wary of phishing emails. With IT systems down, employees have been unable to clock in their hours, access service manuals, and, we are told, deliver machinery in some cases.


Update: CDK suffered an additional breach on June 19, causing the company to shut down its systems again. Car dealership software-as-a-service provider CDK Global was hit by a massive cyberattack, causing the company to shut down its systems and leaving clients unable to operate their business normally. CDK Global provides clients in the auto industry a SaaS platform that handles all aspects of a car dealership's operation, including CRM, financing, payroll, support and service, inventory, and back office operations.

Crypto exchange Kraken revealed that an unnamed security researcher exploited an "extremely critical" zero-day flaw in its platform to steal $3 million in digital assets and refused to return them. Details of the incident were shared by Kraken's Chief Security Officer, Nick Percoco, on X (formerly Twitter), stating it received a Bug Bounty program alert from the researcher about a bug that "allowed them to artificially inflate their balance on our platform" without sharing any other details Within minutes of receiving the alert, the company said it identified a security issue that essentially permitted an attacker to "initiate a deposit onto our platform and receive funds in their account without fully completing the deposit."

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