Cyber Weekly Digest - 2022 Week #45

Updated: Nov 18

Take a look at this week’s Cyber Weekly Digest to get up to date with the biggest cyber security news. In this digest, we dive into the latest zero-day vulnerabilities patched by Microsoft as well as why the UK Government is now scanning all internet expose devices in the UK. Keep reading to find out about the latest cyber security news from around the world.

1. The British Government is scanning all Internet devices hosted in the UK.

All Internet-exposed devices in the UK are now being scanned by The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) for vulnerabilities. The goal is to assess the UK’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks and to help the owners of Internet-connected systems understand their security posture. “These activities cover any internet-accessible system that is hosted within the UK and vulnerabilities that are common or particularly important due to their high impact. The scans from the NCSC are performed using tools hosted in a dedicated cloud-hosted environment from and two IP addresses ( and British organisations can also opt-out of having their servers scanned by the government by emailing a list of IP addresses that they want to be excluded. In January, the cybersecurity agency also started releasing NMAP Scripting Engine scripts to help defenders scan for and remediate vulnerable systems on their networks. The NCSC plans to release the new NMAP scripts only for critical security vulnerabilities it believes to be at the top of the threat actor’s targeting lists.

2. Maple Leaf Foods suffers an outage following a cyber attack last weekend.

Maple Leaf Foods is Canada's largest prepared meats and poultry food producer, operating 21 manufacturing facilities and employing 14,000 people. This week Maple Leaf Foods confirmed that it experienced a cyber security incident causing a system outage and disruption of operations. The Canadian food packaging giant says its IT team took immediate action to respond to the incident. Maple Leaf also released a statement claiming that "The outage is creating some operational and service disruptions that vary by business unit, plant, and site,". Despite the size of Maple Leaf, there has not been any announcements on cybercrime forums or ransomware gang extortion portals listing Maple Leaf Foods as their victim.

3. US reveals and arrests hacker who stole 50000 bitcoins from Silk Road.