Cyber Weekly Digest - 2022 Week #17

In this week’s Cyber Weekly Digest find out about the latest Lapsus$ target and a new threat group that claims to have breached Coca-Cola. Keep reading to stay up to date on the biggest cyber security stories from the week.

1. T-Mobile becomes the latest Lapsus$ target.

T-Mobile confirmed that the extortion group Lapsus$ gained access to their system “several weeks ago”. T-mobile confirmed the breach after a journalist accessed the internal chats from the private Telegram channel of the core Lapsus$ gang members. The private chats revealed that the Lapsus$ hacking group got hold of the T-Mobile VPN credentials giving them access to the company’s internal tools such as Atlas, an internal T-Mobile tool for managing customer accounts. T-Mobile added that it has mitigated the breach by terminating the threat group’s access to its network and disabled the stolen credentials that were used in the breach.

2. Coca-Cola investigated claims they have been breached.

Coca-Cola has confirmed that they are aware of the reports about a cyber attack on its network and is currently investigating the claims. This week the Stormous gang said that it successfully breached some of the company's servers and stole 161GB of data. The threat actors listed a cache of the data for sale on their leak site, asking for 1.65 Bitcoin. Stormous is a relatively new threat group, that claims to be a ransomware group. This is the first time Stormous has posted a stolen dataset. Last week Stormous posted a poll asking who their next victim should be, and Coca-Cola had the highest number of votes. Coca-Cola has not yet confirmed if any data was actually stolen.