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  • Kathleen Maxted

Cyber Vigilance partners with CultureAI

For 2024 boring and ineffective security awareness tools are out, and data-driven, real-time training is in!

Yep, that's right, you no longer have to give your employees training that will send them to sleep and hope they pick up good security behaviour from it.

We all know that being conscious of adhering to good security practice is an essential part of protecting your business. However, where security tools have advances massively in the last few years, user training has maintained the same. Well imagine if you could train your users in real-time to stop them from making bad security decisions.

This is where CultureAI comes in!

CultureAI continuously monitors security risks created by your workforce, then uses those insights to help you automatically manage risks so that people prevent breaches and not cause them.

This is achieved through they key principles:

  • Monitoring risk

  • Reducing risk

  • Responding to risks

Through monitoring over 35 security behaviours, CultureAI can then reduce risk by applying data-driven training, nudges, gamification and rewards. On top of this, you can respond by creating intervention workflows that trigger when risks occur.

CultureAI integrates with your existing apps and tech stack including Teams, Slack and Google Drive to get insight and observe real-life security behaviours, without blindly relying on your employees. CultureAI has the data to prove it!

By implementing these principles, companies have been able to improve their employees' security decisions by 75%.

At Cyber Vigilance, we have partnered with CultureAI because we truly believe in their methods for encouraging good employee cyber hygiene. We have seen first-hand how traditional tools have let organisations down. Although it is often a tick-box exercise, why not invest in a tool that actually makes a difference.

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