Suspected breach?

Get immediate assistance. In a matter of minutes, our agents can be deployed across hundreds to thousands of endpoints, which then scans, analyses, identifies and remediates threats before damage is done.

Our SOC team is available 24/7 for Incident Response and other urgent monitoring services.

Free Incident Response 

How does it work?

Best of breed IR tech - Our agents will look at alerts and information coming from endpoints, users and networks. This gives the necessary visibility for incident response.

Fast and scalable IR setup - No need to involve open source or manual tools. The agents are easy to deploy, allowing for speed and scale across endpoints.

Transparent IR - You will get a dedicated point of contact, keeping in touch with you at least daily and typically every few hours.

Reports that you actually need- Ranging from executive summaries to detailed IoCs that can be exported to CSV for consumption by other systems across the environment.

Security post-resolution - At the end of the IR process, you have the option to keep our agents to secure your systems against future breaches,

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