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See ThreatAware in action!

Get real-time visibility into your assets and if your controls are in place in line with best practice.

How confident are you that you know where all your devices are and if your security tooling is deployed correct?

Organisations can prevent 98% of threats through the use of fundamental controls when they are fully functional company-wide. For organisations without an agentless holistic view of their cyber security, it is a certainty that large numbers of workstations accessing their corporate data and services will be inadequately protected.

ThreatAware polls all of your existing security tools to detect every device and ensures all your fundamental security controls are deploy, functioning and healthy.

With ThreatAware you no longer have to rely on spreadhseets or tools that don't give you an accurate view of your environement. 

See how much time you can save with ThreatAware

What is ThreatAware


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ThreatAware Cyber Asset Management

Agentless device inventory

ThreatAware's agentless design discovers all devices, regardless if the device has been onboarded by the IT team.

Real-time unified data

Seamlessly join data from all of your existing security tool into a single view.

Full context 

Combining an asset's contextual details such as users, security controls, hardware and access times, allows for rapid decision making.

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