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As a growing modern business, you need to ensure you are prepared for any potential disruptions, including cyber threats.


We understand that it can be difficult and expensive to maintain in-house security technology and resource, which is where Cyber Vigilance steps in.

Our expert team is focused on providing UK businesses with access to industry-leading security solutions and enterprise-grade skills so that you can focus on what really matters, growing your business.

Round-the-clock, complete security for SMEs...

Access our free cyber security resources for small and medium-sized businesses.

Ultilise our free resources including 30-day trials and reports to help take your cyber security to the next level or book in a call with our team to talk through your roadmap.

Protecting your devices, emails and employees no matter where they are...


Proactive 24/7 detection and response for all of your business devices.


Protect against threats such as phishing, impersonation and spam emails.


Provide your hybrid workforce with seamless and secure access to business applications.

Managed Threat Detection

Cyber Vigilance’s Managed Threat Detection provides proactive security to ensure your organisation has effective security controls in place, reducing the risk of a cyber incident.


Powered by SentinelOne, our service rapidly and accurately identifies, remediates, and reports on threats in your environment backed by our 24x7 team.

Reduced response time - 1-click remediation and rollback capabilities mean threats can be mitigated rapidly.

Complete visibility – We send you contextualised alerts and monthly reports, so you'll have in-depth visibility into your threats.

Cyber security partnership – Our team become an extension of your team, providing guidance and expertise on security best practices.

Concentrate on what really matters – You’ll be able to focus on your usual tasks by leaning on our team to handle any threats.

24x7 monitoring of your environment - Giving you confidence that there will always be someone ready to respond to a threat.

Protect against modern-day threats – Detect against a wide range of attacks, powered by leading technology SentinelOne.

Protecting Remote Workers

Most businesses now have a remote or hybrid workforce, meaning they need to be able to securely access any business application from anywhere, any device or any network. Traditional access solutions don’t deliver the flexibility, user experience, or security a successful work-from-anywhere model needs.

Access apps anywhere - Enable access to all external and internal apps from anywhere.

Prevent compromise, lateral movement, and data loss- Enforce business policies that follow users everywhere, allowing for identical security regardless of location.

Support any device - Provide secure app access from all common devices used for work.

Restore visibility into end user traffic - Track individual user experiences and improve app, network, and device performance with digital experience monitoring.

Email Security

Today’s email threats move fast, and malicious files look more and more like ordinary files. Growing businesses need predictive email security to defeat today’s threats with an eye on the future. Simplify your email security by precisely blocking all email attacks using behavioral AI, protecting against internal and external compromised accounts. 

Supply-chain attack protection - Continuously assess your vendors' risk and reputation, and inspect emails and attachments for suspicious information.

Ransomware prevention - Detects suspicious correspondence patterns and credential phishing attempts and block malicious attachments or links.

Executive impersonation detection - Understand communication patterns and suspicious tone, subject and lanuage to detect impersonation attacks.

Account takeover - Detect compromised accounts by analysing login frequency, locations, devices, browsers, and IP addresses and automatically disarm compromised accounts.


Free resources to help kick-start your security journey

See how quickly cyber threats can be remediated.

Register for a free Managed Threat Detection demo and trial.

Arm your business with rapid remediation and enterprise-grade protection.

In the demo we will show you in real-time how quickly we can respond and remediate threats.


We will also get you started with a free 2-week trial, so you can take the next step to strengthen your defenses.

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Free 30 Day Asset Inventory Discovery Trial.

Get real-time visibility into your assets with a free 30-day discovery trial.

How easy is it to keep track of your corporate devices and understand your security tool deployment gap?


Strengthen your security posture and IT processes by automatically aggregating your inventory sources to give you a complete, accurate, and real-time view of your asset ecosystem.

Sign up for your free 30-day trial to find what you might be missing.

Are you prepared for cyber attacks?
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Sign up for your free Cyber Maturity Assessment.

Not sure where to start, or want to understand where you can strengthen your defenses?

Get your free Cyber Security Maturity Assessment to gain visibility of your security gaps and get actionable recommendations on how to improve.

Book in a meeting with our team!

Our team will walk you through some guidance and advice on the key areas you should be focusing on. We can also offer support for any of your ongoing security projects.

Speak to our team by booking in your 30 minute meeting below.

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