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Get a free Managed Threat Detection demo and Trial.

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Are you ransomware ready?

Cyber Vigilance’s Managed Threat Detection provides proactive security to ensure your organisation has effective security controls in place, reducing the risk of a cyber incident. 

The service includes remediation capability such as Rollback which restores your devices back to their last known good state in the event of a ransomware attack.

Find out how quickly it is to respond to alerts in your environment by signing up for a demo and free 2-week trial.

What is Managed Threat Detection?


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Cyber Vigilance Managed Threat Detection

Prevent & Detect.

Built-in Static AI and Behavioural AI analysis prevent and detect a wide range of attacks in real-time before they cause damage, including malware, trojans, hacking tools, ransomware, memory exploits, script misuse, bad macros, and more.

24/7 Monitoring.

Our team monitor your security around the clock, so you can be confident that every threat can be responded to no matter the time. Our team will use threat intelligence captured by SentinelOne and expertise to identify legitimate activity from the real threats.

Remediate & Investigate.

Automated response capabilities allowing our team to quickly respond to detected threats, including the ability to roll back to reverse any unauthorised changes from an attack. Our analysts will also perform proactive incident-driven threat hunting.

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