Sentient Insights is a fully interactive and responsive platform to bring together all your security tools and services in one simple, navigable view.

Sentient Insights aims to provide an effective way for security teams to monitor their security.

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What is Sentient Insights?

Sentient Insights effortlessly connects and combines multiple sources of essential security and intelligence data into one simple, navigable interface.​ 

Key features:​

  • Monitor internal and external ongoing security.

  • Detect and respond to breaches.

  • Get exposure to breach data.

  • Gain quick access to the latest technologies and services.

  • Address future cybersecurity issues as quickly as possible.

  • Set customisable alert thresholds.

  • Integrate third-party security tools.

  • Receive customisable alert thresholds across multiple solutions.

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Why Sentient Insights?

The threat landscape is evolving, and the number of specialised security tools are increasing meaning that the number of alerts that security teams are responding to are also growing.


Organisations often lack the visibility they need to monitor their security effectively.

Sentient Insights offers an easy-to-use interface, fully optimised for desktop, mobile and tablet. The platform gives visibility of all critical security data across multiple solutions as well as data from number products and tools which you cannot get from your own interface.

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