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  • Kathleen Maxted

Introducing Cyber Vigilance's Managed Cyber Security Services

Managed Cyber Security Provider in the UK

Cyber Vigilance is excited to introduce our latest managed cyber security services, providing our customers with the most comprehensive services to improve their security posture and protection against new and emerging threats.

The past year has showed that the cyber security risks to organisations are at an all-time high, with businesses in the UK facing 686,961 attempts on average to breach their systems online, equating to an attempted attack every 46 seconds.

Cyber Vigilance’s Managed Cyber Security Services aims to provide customers with enterprise-level solutions, regardless of their size or skills. We want to take away the stresses associated with managing your own cyber security.

We have two new services available, the Managed Threat Detection Service and the Cyber Awareness and Phishing Service.

The Managed Threat Detection Service provides your organisation with 24x7 monitoring of your corporate environment, with all the capabilities to protect your organisation from advanced threats. This service eliminates the need for complex multi-product security stacks, making robust breach protection available to our customers, regardless of their size or level of security skills.

The Cyber Awareness and Phishing Service aims to tackle the problem of social engineering and phishing through managed security awareness training and simulated phishing. By adopting a more effective strategy for cyber security awareness training, your organisation can significantly reduce the risk of human error.

Managed Cyber Security Services in the UK

All of our services include a monthly report, which includes straight to the point information about the threats and risks to your environment.

Our Managed Cyber Security Services are available as individual services or as a package.

Cyber Vigilance is a Managed Security Service Provider based in Guildford, Surrey. We partner with best of breed security vendors, enabling our team of cyber security experts to deliver the most comprehensive services and solutions for our customers.

We've got your back...

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