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Managed Cyber Security for local businesses...

Think of Cyber Vigilance as your very own dedicated cyber security team. Not only do we help to improve your cyber security posture, but we make sure you have complete visibility into how it is happening.

Our aim is to help you save on the time, costs and stresses associated to implementing your own cyber security measures. Giving you peace of mind that everything is under control, so you can concentrate on what really matters, growing your business.


Find out how we can give you peace of mind that all the necessary measures are in place to protect your organisation from modern threats.


Find out how we can help your organisation to build a cyber aware workforce and significantly decrease your level of risk.

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This June, Cyber Vigilance is offering local businesses a one month risk free opportunity to trial our Managed Threat Detection Service. We are also offering a free Phishing security test.


What is included:

One month trial of our Managed Threat Detection Service, providing your organisations with all the capabilities needed to protect your organisation from modern threats, managed by our 24x7 Security Operations Centre who constantly monitor your environment for threats.

A free phishing security test to determine how your employees might react to a suspicious email, showing your risk level and how that compares to your industry benchmark.

At the end of the month we will provide you a straight-to-the-point report, outlining the incidents experiences and how they were handled.

After the month, you can choose to continue with the Managed Threat Detection Service. 

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Free Resources...

Cyber Vigilance is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) based in Guildford, Surrey.

We are trusted UK partners of the leading cyber security technology solutions. Our team are industry experts with years of experience, dedicated to providing the most comprehensive services and solutions to our customers.

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