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Get a free Singularity™ Ranger Active Directory Assessment.

A continuous identity assessment solution designed to uncover vulnerabilities in Active Directory and Azure AD.

How Vulnerable Is Your Active Directory?

Ranger AD Assessor delivers prescriptive, actionable insight to reduce Active Directory and Azure AD attack surfaces, bringing them in line with security best practices.

SentinelOne are offering a free real-time vulnerability assessment around identity security, including misconfigurations, excessive privileges, or data exposures.

Sign up for your free assessment to discover the value of Ranger AD Assessor.

What is Ranger AD Assessor?

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Singularity™ Ranger AD Assessor

Reduce your AD attack surface.

Analyse configuration changes to conform with best practices, and eliminate excessive privileges with quick remediation.

Continuously analyse identity exposure.

Skip the expensive and manual audits. Automatically pinpoint critical domain, computer, and user-level exposures continuously in Active Directory and Azure AD.

Detect Live AD

Proactively monitor AD and Azure AD for activities that indicate potentially active attacks, both continuously and on-demand.

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