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Get Your Free Email Exposure Check

Find out which of your users emails are exposed before the bad guys do.

How Many of Your Users' Credentials are Compromised?

Many of the email addresses and identities of your organization are exposed on the internet and easy to find for cybercriminals. With that email attack surface, they can launch social engineering, spear-phishing and ransomware attacks on your organisation.

KnowBe4's Email Exposure Check Pro identifies the at-risk users in your organization by crawling business social media information and now thousands of breach databases.

Using new breach data intelligence from SpyCloud, EEC Pro leverages one of the largest and most up-to-date breach data sources to help you proactively protect your organisation from compromised credentials. This is done in two stages:


First Stage

Does deep web searches to find any publicly available organizational data. This will show you what your organizational structure looks like to an attacker, which they can use to craft targeted spear-phishing attacks.

Second Stage

Finds any users that have had their account information exposed in any of several thousand breaches. These users are particularly at-risk because an attacker knows more about that user, up to and including their actual passwords!

Your Report

We will email you back a summary report PDF of the number of exposed emails, identities and risk levels found. You will also get a link to the full detailed report of actual users found, including breach name and if a password was exposed.

Required data for the Email Exposure Check: Please complete the form including your Company Name, Number of Employees and your valid Email Address from the domain of your own organisation. Gmail, AOL, Yahoo or any other ISP cannot be accepted.

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