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See Egress in action!

Book a demo to see what Egress Defend, Egress Prevent, Egress Protect, or the entire Intelligent Email Security suite can do for you.

You need a new approach to behavioral-based threat detection and response!

Book a demo to find out how Egress...

  • Defends against advanced phishing attacks that other solutions miss

  • Prevents misdirected emails or files

  • Continuously assesses human risk and dynamically adapts policy controls

  • Enforces information barriers to meet compliance requirements

  • Stops unauthorized data exfiltration

  • Protects sensitive data without introducing friction

  • Augments your security training with real-time teachable moments

What is Egress


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Egress Intelligent Email Security

Egress Defend

Inbound Threat Detection

Utilise AI models and a zero-trust approach combine to detect the full spectrum of phishing threats.

Egress Prevent

Outbound Email Protection

Stop accidental and malicious data loss through monitoring outbound email traffic and alert users to potential data breaches to stop them before they happen. 

Egress Protect

Secure Encrypted Email

Enable secure and compliant email communication without adding friction. Make it easy for your teams, customers, and partners to work securely and prevent data leaks

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