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Cyber Awareness & Phishing Service

Our Cyber Awareness & Phishing Service arms your employees with engaging, relevant training and continuous phishing, so they’re prepared for the real threats they could experience.


Features of The Cyber Awareness & Phishing Service...

In this service, we will work with you directly to create your own security awareness plan, which we then manage and implement remotely. Over time your organisation's risk level will decrease, as your employees become more cyber aware.

Download the full service description to find out more.

Managed Security Awareness Training and Phishing UK
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Why do you need Cyber Awareness & Phishing...

Phishing is the most common attack vector, 83% of attacks experienced by UK organisations in 2020 were phishing attacks.

By educating your staff, you can create another layer of protection for your organisation, your employees. Traditionally, cyber security awareness consisted of a one-off non-interactive training module. Research has proven that this strategy has little impact compared to consistent training and simulated phishing. 

It is also becoming increasingly important for organisations to show they are taking security seriously. By having a cyber aware workforce, you can improve your reputation with customers, suppliers, and regulatory bodies.


Why Cyber Vigilance...

We build strong relationships with our customers built on trust.

Our team is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive protection for all of our customers by partnering with the leading technology solutions.

We ensure our customers have complete visibility of how they are being protected and the decisions made.

Our team is made of cyber security experts, with years of experience.

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