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Email Risk Assessment

Get visibility into your email exposure in just 15 minutes.

Use our calendar to book your Email Risk Assessment with Abnormal Security and uncover the emails bypassing your existing security.

We help businesses achieve enhanced email security and improved resource efficiency, in just 15 minutes without any configuration changes or disrupting your existing system.

Abnormal is an API cloud-based email security solution that offers the highest-precision detection and protection, utilising its AI behavioural technology and over 45,000+ threat signals.

Stop business email compromise, ransomware, supply chain compromise, phishing and other modern email-based attacks before they reach your employees inboxes.

Game-changing email security

Everyone knows that email is the most commonly used attack vector and shows no signs of slowing down. Email-based attacks are also becoming more advanced and are able to bypass traditional secure email gateways easily.

Attackers are using a wider array of tactics to compromise your business by learning how your business operates to intercept email chains and replicate your normal process, making attacks such as invoice fraud harder to spot.

Having to rely on employees to determine if an email they receive is legitimate or not increases your risk of becoming a victim.

Are you ready to learn how to drastically reduce your attack exposure?

Book Assessment
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"We don't have time or resource to look at another solution"

We understand that often reviewing and trialling a security solution can be time-intensive, which is why we promise not to waste your time. All we need is 45-minutes for an initial call, 15 minutes to integrate the solution and then 30 minutes a week later to talk you through the results.

The free assessment requires minimal effort from you and your team. Because Abnormal integrates via API, you won't need to waste time changing MX records or configuration policies.

"We are already tied into a contract"

Abnormal Security works alongside an existing SEG or on its own, in fact, most Abnormal customers start off implementing Abnormal alongside their SEG to provide an added layer of protection for the emails their SEG doesn't stop.

"We think our existing SEG is doing the job so we will probably renew again"

Performing due diligence on your existing solution is vital in ensuring it performs as it should. The free assessment allows you to put your SEG to the test and get visibility into the emails it misses. Businesses often renew solutions out of habit without reviewing them each year when you could actually be getting a more efficient and effective solution.

How does it work?


Book in your initial session

Select a time for our team to introduce you to the solution and how it works in a 45-minute demo session. We will also set up your assessment integration link so you can get started straight away.


Integrate with Microsoft or Google

Integrate Abnormal via API directly into your existing email flow in minutes with a one-click set up. Abnormal is initially set up in read-only mode, so it will not affect your mail flow and requires zero-lift from you or your team as no MX or configuration changes are required.


Review your report in 7 days

After 7 days we will re-group to present you with your assessment report, giving you insight into the current email attacks in your inboxes that have bypassed your current set up.

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